Dmitri Demiashkin, Klavier

Jacques Leiser, the impresario, Impresario of Maria Callas, David Ostrich,  Sviatoslav Richter und andere.

Jacques Leiser über Dmitri Demiashkin.
Best known as an international artists manager, Jacques Leiser, has represented and collaborated with many of the world’s greatest concert pianists, composers, violinists and singers: Sviatoslav Richter, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Lazar Berman, Maria Callas and another.

«In my view, Dmitri Demiashkin is one of the most phenomenal and exciting talents to come along in decades. He is an absolutely electrifying pianist, an authentic, charismatic virtuoso of the sort rarely encountered nowadays. But he is also a refined musician and a musical poet who knows just how to put his extraordinary technical facility to work in the service of music. It gives me the greatest pleasure to recommend Dmitri Demiashkin, who I am convinced will become a future major pianist. He will most certainly thrill and touch the public».